I'm a Spanish composer and conductor, trained at the Madrid Real Conservatorio Superior de Música where I studied Piano, Conducting and Composition with Anton García Abril, Román Alís (orchestration) and Zulema de la Cruz (electroacoustic music), while combining with Chemistry Science in Alcala de Henares University. I also graduated in Musicology at the La Rioja University.



       I began my career as a symphonic conductor and classical composer. I postgraduate with Horacio Vaggione in Granular Synthesis (CDMC, Centro para la Difusión de la Música Contemporánea) and Contemporary Music Conducting and Composition in Alcalá University. After studying in America and Europe I began to incorporate other styles and genres including pop, rock, world music and electronics. I mastered in Orchestration in Berklee University (Boston) and Composition and new technologies in UNIR (International Rioja University). Then I began to search for more personal expression in a series of works for multimedia. My works have been premiered in Europe and America.



        I am always experimenting with sound and my style is characterized by the approach of music to emotional moods. I can define my music as a half way between a simple minimalism and a complicated network of contrapuntal. My characteristic sound designs and compositions displayed great skills in combining acoustics and electronics.


           Nowadays I work as Orchestra Conductor at  Conservatorio Federico Moreno Torroba (Madrid) and Orchestration and Conducting Technique Professor at  University Centre Of Arts TAI (Universidad Juan Carlos I, Madrid).


I define myself as a SOUND ARTIST


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